Sympetus folgt einem ganzheitlichen Gesundheits-Verständnis mit dem Mikrobiom als maßgeblichen Motor für den gesamten Organismus. 

Das Mikrobiom setzt sich aus allen Mikroorganismen in und auf unserem Körper zusammen und eine Störung der Balance ihrer Vielfalt kann selbst einen kleinen
Bereich des Organismus betreffend übergreifende Konsequenzen verursachen,
welche die Gesundheit des Organismus schwächen.

Sympetus-Produkte sind ernährungswissenschaftlich begleitet, ganzheitlich aufgestellt und aktivieren sowie unterstützen komplexe Vorgänge im Körper ganz natürlich.

Sie können dem Körper einen Anreiz geben, sich selbst gesund zu erhalten. Nützliche, ubiquitäre Mikroorganismen stärken das Mikrobiom und unterstützen diverse Stoffwechselvorgänge.

Mit unseren Produkten bieten wir dem Körper Metabolite, hervorgegangen aus Fermentation, veredelt und bioverfügbar durch die enzymatische Umsetzung bereits während der Fermentation. Verträglich und sanft, mit einem qualitativ hochwertigen Rohstoff- sowie Produktprofil.

Symbiose als Know-How

Bis zu 35 Stämme

In our laboratory and various fermentation plants, we combine up to 35 different, ubiquitous microorganism strains from the EU in a controlled and balanced manner. We symbiotically combine them into a stable environment as a strong unit in order to act as effective starters for targeted fermentation for our products. In this way, we use different compositions of cultures tailored to different target environments.

Transparency and authenticity

ORGANIC raw materials from DE / EU and non-EU agriculture

Individual products and product lines are made exclusively from raw materials from German agriculture. Fresh ingredients such as wild herbs and berries are preferred. Other products from our company rely on therapeutic ingredients from the Far East, for example, which have a medicinal tradition and are therefore used in targeted preparations.


The microbiome

The totality of all microorganisms in and on our body as a motor for health and well-being. Our products support the microbiome as a key part of the holistic organism not only through microbiotic diversity, but also through its metabolites, resulting from fermentation.

Naturally effective

Plant and herb expertise

With naturopathic herbal and plant knowledge, combined with fermentation know-how based on nutritional science, we refine selected ingredients in our plastic-free production facilities based on nature's processes.

Ingredient portfolio

Multi-stage fermentation

Our in-house fermentation process is subject to special recipes and procedures, which bring the various plant parts as well as the microorganisms and their feed into a symbiosis in which metabolism takes place over weeks in order to ultimately guarantee fully fermented, stable and tasty ferments in therapeutic or delicatessen quality for our broad customer base.

In-house laboratory

Internal and external quality control

As a manufacturer with our own laboratory, we have a broad portfolio of ingredients including microorganism strains and plants at our disposal to be at the forefront of product development. We are therefore constantly researching products based on the latest scientific knowledge that can support the organism in achieving greater well-being. Our expertise ranges from therapeutic approaches to natural cosmetics to microbiotic room sprays and foods.

Activate natural processes

SYMPETUS focuses on the microbiotic activation of natural processes in your body. In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can support your body in maintaining its health, cleansing and regenerating itself. Prophylactically in everyday life or therapeutically as a supplementary treatment.

About our products